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Why Choose Omni Brand Hosting?

 Affordability: For as low as $5.25 per month, you get access to powerful tools that won’t drain your budget. Say goodbye to expensive web development costs! 

Simplicity: No coding experience required! Our drag-and-drop interface lets you customize layouts, add content, and tweak designs with ease. 

Templates Galore: Choose from a wide range of professionally designed templates. Whether you’re launching an e-commerce store, a portfolio site, or a blog, we’ve got you covered.

 Speedy Setup: Get your site up and running in minutes. No waiting, no hassle—just results. 

Ready to transform your ideas into a stunning website? Join Omni Brand Hosting today and unlock the potential of your online presence!
Step 1

Get a hosting plan

Choose one of the 5 available hosting plans, then click on 'Create Account'.
Step 2

Register your new hosting account

Be sure to choose your domain name while on the registration screen. (If you choose the 30 day trial, some features will be unavailable, so its best to pay for the hosting right away.)
Step 3

Log in to your new hosting account

Once your payment is verified, you will be able to use all of the account features. Navigate to 'Web Tools', then click on 'Site Builder'.
Step 4

Choose your domain name from the menu

Choose a custom path if you don't want the new design to appear on your main website, yet. Once you are done, click on 'Choose Template'.
Step 5

Choose from the selection of templates

Once you find a template you like, click 'Install'. You will then be prompted to log in to the Site builder, that will trigger an on-screen tutorial. All templates are completely customizable!

Want a professional to build your website instead?

Our web design partner, Greenishazel Design has a 'Template Design, Setup & Launch' service for a one-time fee.